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 EPOCH consulting was established as a integrated consulting company in 2018 in Houston TX to provide you and your business with innovative and accurate interpretations to solve problems. We tackle problems by incorporating as much data as possible. Often, we find the petrophysics is not leveraged to the degree it should be due to ambiguity or lack of industry knowledge. Our technical expertise in petrophysics provides integrated approaches to tackling and solving some of industries most difficult problems. Additionally, our workflows offer high degrees of accuracy with speed while always informing clients of uncertainties. We currently have a wide base of clients that span the non-operated companies, small operators, mid-large independents, and A&D companies.  If the service your interested in is not listed below please contact us as we may include that service in our listed items. We are always ready to help. 


Why Leverage Petrophysics?

Throughout the life cycle of assets all skill sets either require or benefit from input from petrophysics. For example, the determination for in place volumes is the most dependent on porosity and saturation which come from petrophysical interpretations. 


Improved Solution and Faster Results

Industry has more recently been adapting Cluster Analysis (i.e. Data Analytics) to solve industry problems. We at EPOCH have been practitioners of this method for 10 years with great success. Our integration and knowledge of Cluster Analysis allows us to apply it to the petrophysical realm which is often not seen or used. Because of this use we can decrease project time by time by 3X with more accurate results


Why Are We Unique?

  • We fully integrate geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering to projects
  • We have experience in most ares of the industry (A&D, Banking, Public Operators, Private Equity, Non-Ops, Prospect Development, Exploration, and Service Companies). 
  • Our unique integration of cluster analysis to petrophysical interpretations can allow for more precise interpretations for geology and reservoir engineering.
  • Cluster analysis allows us to move faster than conventional analsysis

Services Offered


Geologic Services

Petrophysical Services

Petrophysical Services


  • Depositional Models
  • Depositional History
  • Lithostratagraphic Correlation
  • Sequence Stratagraphic Correlation
  • Geo-steering
  • Geo Engineered Completions
  • Production Mapping
  • Structural Mapping
  • Mudlog Mapping
  • Pressure Mapping


Petrophysical Services

Petrophysical Services

Petrophysical Services

  • Lithology Interpretation
  • Porosity Interpretation
  • Permeability Interpretation
  • NMR interpretation
  • Core QC
  • Core Analysis advisement
  • Geomechanical Interpretations
  • In place determination (OGIP & OOIP)
  • Landing Zone Analysis 
  • Log Acquisition Advisement


Engineering Services

Petrophysical Services

Engineering Services

  • Frac Design
  • Completions Design
  • Decline Curve Analysis
  • Field Economics
  • Recovery Factor Determinations
  • Spacing Advisement

Management Team


Matt Boyce: Owner and President

     Matt Boyce PhD earned a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Arkansas in Geology. While earning his degree's he worked as an intern with SEECO (now SWN) during their discovery of the Fayetteville Shale. Matt was fortunate enough to observe and learn from the discovery of the second unconventional after the Barnett from Industry pioneer's and his advisor Dr. Walter Manger.

     Matt decided after the completion of his Master’s degree to pursue a PhD at West Virginia University where he studied under Dr. Tim Carr. While there he worked with Dominion E&P (now CNX) on the initial exploration of the Marcellus in West Virginia. With the contributions from Dominion E&P as well as EQT Matt produced one the first and most widely used documents on the petrophysics and geology of the Marcellus for the area. In that same document Matt created a derivation of the Archie equation for unconventionals that later proved to have application outside of the Marcellus. 

     After his PhD, Matt was hired by ExxonMobil as a part of there petrophysics core group. From here Matt worked several plays on the forefront of the global expansion of Unconventionals. He evaluated and operated wells in the following basins in the U.S: Permian, Paradox, Appalachia, Gulf Coast, Unita, Piceance, DJ , L.A., Anadarko, Michigan, Williston, and Sacramento basin’s. He was further tasked with evaluating and operating in multiple international plays such as Vaca Muerta, La Luna, Bowland, Dadas, McCarther Basin, Cooper Basin, Dnieper-Donets basin, Montney, Posadonia, and Baltic basin. Matt was fortunate to have worked and viewed the wide variety of unconventional plays that greatly enhanced his ability to find hydrocarbons in unconventionals.

     In 2013, Matt decided to pursue a dual skill set career at SWN. Here he operated as petrophysicist and geologist. His worked continued on finding new opportunities in the Permian, Paradox, Anadarko, Sand Wash and Appalachian basins. While at SWN Matt co-discovered a new patent (US 3005657A1) that greatly enhanced determining unconventional porosity using core NMR. This paper was later followed by a paper through SPE as paper 194484. The paper in short illustrated the usefulness of the method but also that in place values were two to three times larger than previously calculated. Due to the patent SWN decided to build their own Core NMR lab that Matt co-constructed and became proficient at Core NMR acquisition and interpretation. In addition to the Core NMR Matt applied his learning's by co-developing a engineered completion based on the findings from NMR that yielded measurable increases in production. 

     In 2018, Matt pursued a new venture that is EPOCH Consulting LLC. He applies his extensive background in petrophysics and geology to unconventional problems across industry. His clients enjoy the synergy that he applies between geology and petrophysics as well as how to incorporate it to other facets of their business. His clients include a wide variety of customer from Investment Banking, Non-operated companies, Operators in Permian, Mid-conentinet and Appalachia, and universities


Andrew Zitterkopf: Drilling and Reservoir Specialist


    Andrew J. Zitterkopf is an engineer with over 19 years of experience in oil and gas operations, drilling, completions, reservoir engineering, exploration and field development. Andrew graduated with from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2001) and Master of Business Administration from University of Texas at Austin (2015). 

    In 2001, he began his career in the US Domestic Group at ExxonMobil as a drilling engineer. While at ExxonMobil He had the privilege of being trained under Ed Dew, who is most known for the invention of Dew Plots in Engineering. From 2001-2002 Andrew worked in Green River, Piceance Creek, Midland Basin, Offshore California and Gulf of Mexico leading their drilling operations. While working in Wyoming, Andrew developed a method to use coiled tubing to drill wells to reduce cost and the environmental footprint of drilling operations. 

    In 2003, Andrew worked in Equatorial Guinea planning, drilling and completion operations offshore in deep water as well as from the Jade Platform drilling Extended Reach Wells (ERD) reaching 26,000 ft MD. Later in 2005, Andrew was the lead engineer working in southern Chad performing drilling and completion operations on a full field development project in Doba Basin as well as exploration drilling operations in eastern Chad (Doseo Basin) 

Andrew moved to Hess in 2008 to plan Offshore Ghana & Brazil Exploration wells. While in Ghana, Andrew planned, designed and drilled the $75MM Ankobra-1 exploration well for Hess. He prepared the exploration drilling programs for Hess’ future exploration wells in Brazil.

    In 2009, Andrew moved to Southwestern Energy where he oversaw two drilling rigs working in the Fayetteville Shale. Andrew was instrumental in helping reducing drill times from 14 days down to 7 days for drilling ops and reducing cost on wells by 30%. In 2011, Andrew made the technical switch to Reservoir Engineering and was the lead engineer for SWN’s OBO Team which oversaw 50MMCFD of production and an annual budget of $60MM. In addition, Andrew was involved with the Fayetteville Shale Planning & Reserves group where he helped oversee the $1B budget for the Fayetteville Shale and 2 BCFD production. Later in 2013, Andrew moved to the Exploration team and assisted in evaluating new greenfield assets for Southwestern Energy. 

    In 2016, Andrew joined Grenadier Energy Partners as a Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer. He assisted GEP in A&D work, reserves, well planning, economics, and developed financial models for project evaluation. He assisted GEP with their acquisition of Howard County assets from Occidental Petroleum as well as bolt on opportunities. GEP grew to an 20,000 acres footprint in Howard County and 10,000 BOEPD of production. 


Tom Allen: Reservoir Specialist

  Thomas Allen is a petroleum engineer with over 30 years of experience in oil and gas operations, completions, artificial lift, reservoir engineering and field development. 

Tom graduated with honors from Tulsa University in Petroleum Engineering. In 1983, he started working at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska for ARCO as a reservoir engineer tracking and managing the performance of the eastern waterflood and miscible gas floods. It was one of the largest floods in the world injecting 650 Mbwpd and producing 325 Mbopd. Later he moved into operations as a well supervisor at Prudhoe Bay.

Tom moved to Bakersfield in 1996 with OXY where he worked overseas operations assignments in southeast Asia including the appraisal and development of two new gas fields in Bangladesh with over 4 Tcf in reserves. He later worked as both a reservoir and operations engineer at the Elk Hills giant field in California. He prepared a two‑year, $40 MM reservoir plan to redevelop of the existing Monterray oil shales and recover over 32 MMbo in reserves. Production from the oil shales increased from 700 bopd to 5500 bopd during the redevelopment and an additional 25 MMbo in “attic oil” reserves was discovered. 

In 2002, Tom moved to Tulsa with Samson Resources to work reservoir and operations in Western Oklahoma, East Texas and Louisiana. Always at the forefront of technology, he pioneered use of “Packers-Plus” completion technology for tight gas, horizontal wells. While the technology was later replaced by “Plug & Perf” methods, the Packers-Plus technology reduced existing completion costs by $300M/well and increased production by 400%. Tom led the reservoir development of multiple gas fields in the Cotton Valley, Travis Peak, & Haynesville in East Texas.  He also designed corrosive HP/HT completions for high rate wells in Louisiana. 

In 2009, Tom started working as a reservoir engineer for Newfield Exploration on the redevelopment of oil and gas properties in western Oklahoma. He later led the divestment of non-core assets in the area for more than double their booked value.  He moved on to designing more modern horizontal completions in the Granite Wash in Texas Panhandle, Cana Woodford and Mississippi Lime plays in Oklahoma.  

In 2013, Tom joined Southwestern Energy as a technical expert in completion technology and supervised operations of new exploration wells. He later moved to the corporate technical team to evaluate new reservoir, completion and operation technologies for the company.  During that time, he patented the design of a neutrally-buoyant proppant to increase reserves by 400% and cut field development costs by 40%.

Strategic Partnerships


Stout Petrographic LLC


Lauren Stout is the Owner and Founder of Stout Petrographic. Stout Petrographic is a consulting company that performs high-end petrographic interpretation of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. As with any technical analysis, it is more valuable when integrated with other data. At Stout Petrographic, Lauren integrates geochemistry, biomarker data, diagenetic models, stratigraphic analysis, and paleo analysis with her high-end petrographic work. At Stout Petrographic the goal is to provide timely easily communicable interpretations to help clients become more efficient in production, exploration, or A&D. The partnership with EPOCH consulting allows Stout Petrographic to integrate petrophysics into the workflow which has proven to be extremely valuable for clients.

Lauren earned her B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College in Geosciences and her M.S. from the Colorado School of Mines in Geology, with a focus on petrographic analysis, carbonate diagenesis, and stable isotope analysis. After graduating from Colorado School of Mines, Lauren worked as a geologist at SWN. There she learned the operational side of unconventional reservoirs in the Arkoma and Appalachian basin but also was utilized heavily in Exploration. Due to her background in petrography and paleontology she helped the SWN Exploration division value new hybrid plays. During that process she led the effort and created the SWN petrography lab. She became incredibly well versed in carbonate and clastic petrography with an emphasis on diagenesis and isotopic analysis. Lauren was also a first adaptor of using QEMSCAN (combined SEM and EDS imaging) on thin sections to enhance diagenetic and petrophysical studies. 

After SWN, Lauren worked for Aramco Services Company where she managed laboratory operations for the Geology Technology Team. In that position, she became extensively trained in GC, GCMS, GC-IRMS, EA-IRMS, Rock Eval Pyrolysis, Hyperspectral Imaging, and various microscopes. At the end of 2019, Lauren established Stout Petrographic where she utilizes her extensive skills for the company.  


Delta Exploration LLC

  Andrew Wilbourn’s company Delta Exploration provides turnkey geologic services from well log interpretation, geologic mapping, and prospect generation through well planning, commission work, geosteering, and completion interval recommendations.

Andrew earned a B.A. in Geology from Washington and Lee University and a M.S. in geology from the University of Mississippi. Andrew worked as a Geologist II at Chesapeake Energy from 2012 to 2017. While there, he oversaw the geologic operations and development in Appalachia and Mid-Continent. In the Appalachian division he was the ops geologist on the longest lateral in company history on a single target line. From this wide array of basin operations experience, Andrew sharpened his skills to a high level in operations.

Andrew left Chesapeake in 2017 for an opportunity with private operator Le Norman Operating (now Templar Energy). At Le Norman, he performed all geologic responsibilities in the project life cycle of the company’s active wells covering and area of 350,000 plus net acres in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle. His technical abilities in geologic mapping, well recommendations, recompletion evaluation and testimony at the Oklahoma Corporation Commision helped Le Norman manage the 30,000 BOEPD in their asset. In 2019, Andrew left Le Norman/Templar to found Delta Exploration, LLC.  His variety of technical experience in basins as well as his excellent operational background allows him to consult with a range of clients including non-operator holdings, small operators, large independents and A&D companies. Andrew’s ability to integrate production data to help predict operational efficiencies and geologic changes is valued highly by his clients. 

Last year, Delta Exploration began to work with EPOCH Consulting to provide additional geologic interpretations and high-end operational experience that integrates well into the extensive petrophysical knowledge EPOCH provides. This working relationship has proved to be extremely beneficial to clients as they can have precision petrophysical interpretations that are directly integrated into Delta’s operational knowledge.

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